Hello to all… Today has been a busy day for me. This morning I planned to write about preparing for ALS clinic day visits. I’m not going to have time because I’m still getting everything prepared for clinic day now. Something that should have been completed much earlier, but today didn’t go as planned.  I’ll need to be up and getting ready about the time I’m usually just getting to sleep.

When I say I’ve been busy today, it’s what would be a typical day if not for ALS. At least energy wise. We had a house showing so the ordeal of getting me in and out had to be dealt with. Then what a lovely time for your dog to get sick! 30 minutes before people are coming to judge your home. I’m so glad it wasn’t on the carpeted part of house, and that Tony cleaned it up without anger.

It was a slight ordeal, but we managed. It was 6 lb poodle puke, but I don’t handle puke well. Anytime my kids were sick when small, I was gagging right along with them. If they puked on the bed I’m ashamed to say, but the sheets just went in the trash. My daughter, Amanda, jokes about it now. I did my Motherly duty and held her hair back, but it wasn’t pretty.

Today has been exhausting, not necessarily a horrible day, but a lot of unexpected things. The unexpected and ALS tend to clash, at least with me and on a day I’m trying to get specific things ready. I’m trying to remind myself all I really need to do is get there, but I need to feel prepared.

I really hope it doesn’t make me extremely tired tomorrow or exasperate my symptoms. Busy days often leave me with more cramping, spasticity, and exhaustion to deal with the next day. I try to have a calm day before clinic day. Clinic day usually exhausts me so I rest up the next day.  Either way I’ll get through it. Time stops for nothing.

If I’m up to it, I’ll blog tomorrow, but it may be Saturday. I still just wanted to right a little something about today. Hopefully I’ll sleep!

Until next time, take care,


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