Hello again, I hope you’ve enjoyed your day.

I did get the bones of my site completed yesterday but I still have a lot of things to add that will stay.I’ll also be adding things that will need regular upkeep. It is certainly keeping my mind preoccupied even though it can be frustrating. I’m still learning and there’s a lot to learn. Since I’m truly bedridden at this time it’s a very good thing. As much as I want and need to move out of this house, I’m glad there has been no showings yesterday or today. I wouldn’t have made my personal deadline last night if we would have had to leave.

My husband is strong and works out 4 to 5 days a week but it’s not easy carrying me out of the room down the hall to go down 7 stairs, curve right around and go down 7 more. Then into the garage and in the low car. The last couple of times we did finally realize it’s easier to get me in the manual wheelchair at the garage door, then pull me backwards into garage. It’s actually a steep drop. I lived here 10 years and never thought of it. I just stepped right up or down. After that, getting me in the car is a challenge. It’s a tight squeeze to pull the chair up to the open car door and get me in. a couple of times I went for it and land on the car frame instead of seat. It’s just way too awkward for him to fully place me in the seat. That last thing we need is for him to hurt his back. We haven’t got the wheelchair to seat transfer down yet either. the angle of the chair gets in the way.

This is my fault and I’m ashamed to say why but I will. He could pull the car out of the garage and then get the chair angled so much easier for use of the transfer board. The reason we don’t is because I’m embarrassed for the neighbors to see me. I’m angry at myself for that. It’s not them seeing me in a wheelchair. We’ve taken walks, or as we say, walk and rolled, (silly i know) around the neighborhood in my power wheelchair. It’s the fear of me falling on the ground while trying to transfer, and Tony trying to help my non-cooperative body in the seat that gets to me. So that’s my leaving the house story.

If nothing pressing comes to mind before my next post I might share with you how I get from the bed to the shower, toilet or vanity sink. I’m sure you can’t wait for that read.

Anyway, I’m gonna do a couple other things to the site, then wrap it up for the night. Tony stopped by redbox on the way home from the gym and picked up a movie named I think, The Skew, or something like that. I’ve never heard of it. I just know it’s a horror movie and hope it’s a good watch. I’ll let ya know.

To learn more about me please visit my website: http://thealsexpress.com

That’s it for now, take care.


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