Do I have the best Husband or what? I wrote in my last post about us moving down to the den and the only real problem was me bathing. We decided a portable stair lift or portable shower were our two options. It didn’t take long to figure out the portable shower was the best choice price wise. I searched and searched. I found some great ones for a couple thousand, and I found some in the $600.00 range. That’s still a lot to us right now, but this is a must.

Then I heard the words from Tony, “I can make that myself.” I’ve heard those words before that never came to be so I wasn’t immediately pleased. We had a bit of an argument ending with him asking me to give him until the end of the weekend before doubting him. I reluctantly agreed.

It’s now Sunday and I have a ready to use portable shower in my den! we share this trait with each other: Tell me I won’t and give me a deadline and I’ll meet it, sleep or not! Of course I can’t keep up these days. I’m so proud of him. All it took was a little time watching YouTube tutorials, a couple of trips to the hardware store, a little cursing, minimal to no sweat, and there it stands. He even had the forethought to make the front come loose and fall to the ground so I can just roll in and shower, unlike now with taking shower doors off and transferring to a shower chair. So yes, this means he is also going to make me a roll-in shower chair. You’d be surprised how much a halfway descent one costs that insurance won’t cover at all.

After all the searching we could have ordered the least expensive, cheaply made portable shower for a little over $600.00 after shipping. Now I have a much better one spending slightly over $200.00 including everything from frame to water pump. Needless to say I’m very pleased and proud of Tony. Do I have the best husband or what? Now I’m trying to think of how to blow that $400.00 he saved us! No, joking we now count every penny. We’re about ready to start rolling pennies and all change. Hey it adds up, leave me alone!

I have faith in Tony that he thought of everything and there will be no problem with the shower. Hopefully we’ll be moving down within a week or so and when I use it I’ll give you my honest opinion. My biggest concerns are that water will make its way through the shower curtains, the pump won’t work fast enough leaving a pool of water inside meaning I’ll have to wait for it to pump out before I roll out, I’ll have enough water pressure, and that the drop down front stays in place while showering. Four concerns so far, but important ones. He has assured me he has thought of these and worked them out. Like I said, I have faith in him. I also know if there is a problem, he’ll fix it.

I can’t wait to move down! It’s nice having something to look forward to. This is pure excitement, I’m also excited about my Emory ALS Center visit I have coming up soon. That’s a little more of a nervous excitement. I’m just trying to stay positive and mentally prepared for that.

Still working on a new logo. It may stay similar, just better, or completely different. Not sure what or when exactly. Tony is helping with that too. Yes, I do keep his cape in great condition.

Here’s a picture of my new portable shower.




Until next time, take care,



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