It’s Friday! That used to mean something to me. At a time, years ago, it meant let’s get this party started, later it served as a way to keep my schedule in check with where I stood in days to obligations. Now it’s pretty much just a day. It’s not uncommon for me to be two or three days off.

Now hours instead of days help keep me in check. This is one example of how ALS changes yours and your loved ones lives. The whole experience of time and planning changes. Depending on when Tony works out will depend when I shower, do range of motion exercises or anything else I may need or vice versa for Tony’s workout. Cramping muscles and fatigue decide If I will keep a planned outing. I guess friday does mean Tony won’t be gone to workout the next two days. He goes monday through Friday. I’m so glad he does. It keeps his strength up and helps with all the stress.

Steven came for a short visit. He’ll be heading back this evening. It’s been nice seeing him, and I’m really glad he was able to spend time and help his Dad. He helped get the bed out of storage we’ll be using in the den and with some other things Tony can use help with. We didn’t plan to put him to work. He also has found time to visit with friends. He’s packed a lot into a couple of days.

Amanda and Brayden left for Indiana today to visit family. She’ll be gone a couple of weeks and will be giving me a pedicure when she returns.

It’s getting closer to moving down to the den. I’m still excited as ever. I’m looking forward to a lot about it. I need a change and it will make life much easier for both me and Tony.

I’m also trying to decide what to do about my hair. The back of it will need to be shaved for the stem cell transplantation surgery. I’ve wanted to keep length, but I may go ahead and go shorter. I don’t think a large area will be shaved. My main thoughts are ease of care during the recovery period. It’s certainly not at the top of my list of things when it comes to preparing myself for surgery, but I try to think of everything big and small.

This post is  just of some of my thoughts this Friday that I thought I’d share. Maybe I’ll pop up on your phone with a new post over the weekend. If I do, don’t get mad at me if your phone goes off in the theater. You know the rules.

Enjoy your weekend wherever you are and whatever you’re doing. I’ll do the same.

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Until next time, take care,


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